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The Great Cloth Diaper Change

When you’re into cloth, like really into cloth, sometimes you want to yell it from the rooftop. “THEY’RE CUTE!” “THEY’RE EASIER THAN YOU THINK!” THEY ARE HEALTHIER FOR YOUR BABY!” But not everyone wants to hear it, which is why it’s nice to make time to get together with other like-minded diaper enthusiast parents that share your values. This year, our hope is to reignite the Earth-loving cloth diapering community in the valley by bringing back our annual event, The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) 

What is the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) started in 2011 as an family-friendly Earth Day celebration that morphed into a dream to set a Guinness World Record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. Cloth diapering families gathered around the world to bring awareness to the benefits of cloth diapering and thousands of bums were changed and records were made. In 2015 the relationship was ended with the Guinness World Records, but the spirit of the Great Cloth Diaper Changed continued. 

Today, although our event looks a little bit different, the foundation is the same. We don’t just view it as an event to bring awareness about cloth diapers, but as an excuse to get together with our local cloth diapering community. To celebrate Earth Day, to be around like-minded parents, spend time connecting, and give a big thank you to our loyal customers with sales, swag bags and raffle prizes. 

Join us at this family-friendly event for some live music, snacks, and happy cloth bums! As a big thank you to our loyal customers we’ll have exclusive sales, a free gift, swag bags and all event attendees will be entered for their chance to win a big raffle prize.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change happens the weekend following Earth Day every year. This year, we will be hosting it Sunday, April 25th from 10am-12pm at Mini Social (Right next door!). We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

In-person attendees: 
Join us a 10am at Mini Social 
All attendees get a free gift pack with coupons included
Raffle prizes available for in-person attendees only

Virtual attendees: 
Join us at 10:30am on Instagram live (@zoolikins)
Exclusive coupon & freebie

To our friends beyond our neighborhood, join us virtually and still receive exclusive sales and free goodies from the cloth community.

Please note: This is a free event, but registration is required.