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Our Priorities


Shopping small benefits us all. It benefits our specialty curated mother owned and operated boutique. It benefits the artisan, fair-trade, and environmentally responsible companies that we partner with. It all starts with being intentional. We believe that if our dollars count as votes in this world, we will use them to vote intentionally -- while inviting and providing resources to all mothers to do the same along the way! 


As moms, we have no shortage of inspiration from some of the best and most creative individuals on the planet -- our children! Kids are the inspiration for the creative energy and enthusiasm we bring to everything we do here at Zoolikins. Every event, blog post, and new product we bring into the store must manifest the creative energy we all need as mothers! 


Career mom, SAH mom, new mom, seasoned mom, young mom, grandmom, mom with a side hustle, mom with one little, mom with 5 littles -- we see you. we are you. and we are here to be a resource for connection. We all have something to bring to the table -- and we know that ease of accessibility is of the utmost importance for busy moms. (because have you ever met a mom who wasn’t busy?) Our table is open, come and sit! ...or just snag what you need on the go ;)

Small things matter

Parents matter, and even as busy as we get, we know that the way we behave teaches our kids about the world and their role in it. Our hope is not just to bring you products that help you demonstrate your ethics with what you buy, but to help create special teaching moments. When you sooth your toddler with a plushie and remind them to take deep breaths, or when you read them a book about acceptance and promote inclusivity, or when  you buy them a new toy and watch as they learn how to share. Being present and teaching our children love and kindness is our path forward for a better future and we hope to be part of that journey.