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Cloth Diaper Fitting Guide

Do you need help getting the perfect fit in your cloth diaper? Check out our visual guide!

After adjusting rise snaps for Baby’s height, place Baby on diaper & form the crotch of the diaper into a canoe shape.

Fit the canoed-shaped front of the diaper into the creases between the thigh & groin (the same place you would wear your underwear).

Wrap the front wings of the diaper around Baby’s body, and then bring the side tabs forward to align the hip snaps.

Fasten one hip snap per side to prevent leakage around leg and thigh.

Fasten hip snap on the other side, making sure the leg fit is snug.

Bring right tab across Baby’s body, and fasten one waist snap to size around Baby’s waist.

Bring left tab across Baby’s body and fasten the opposite waist snap. For smaller babies, tabs may overlap.

Tuck diaper in around leg openings to ensure interior fabric is not exposed. Diaper should fit in crease between leg & groin.

Happy cloth diaper baby!