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Baby Wearing Fitting


When you shop local, you get more than a storefront. You help create a support network, a sense of community, and a safe place to ask questions face to face. To help us give back to you, we're offering a FREE baby carrier fitting for any baby carrier purchased at Zoolikins. 

It gets even better! We can drop ship any Lillebaby carrier directly to your doorstep. With no extra fees, you can personally choose what style and pattern you like best.

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Don't see a color/pattern you like? No problem! Give us a call at 480-878-4138 and we'll special order it, just for you! 

7118 E. 5th Avenue, Scottsdale AZ 85251

One hour

FREE for any carrier purchased at Zoolikins!

Registration is not required, however we appreciate a heads up notice. This allows us to ensure we don't have any classes/events going on that may interfere with our ability to give you our full attention. Simply give us a call or email us if you're interested.


Q: Can I gift a Lillebaby to a friend and still receive a free fitting?
A: Yes! When you purchase the baby carrier, be sure to enter your friend's information into our system. This ensures we always have a record of your purchase.

I already have my carrier and I purchased it from you. Can I still have a free fitting?
A: Absolutely, as long as you have your proof of purchase. If you've lost your receipt, we can look up your transaction in our system.

I already have my carrier, but I didn't purchase it from you. Can I have a carrier fitting?
A: We still offer carrier fittings, however if the carrier was not purchased from Zoolikins, there is a small fee. But wait! That small fee turns into a gift card that can be used on any future purchases at Zoolikins. 
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Does it have to be a Lillebaby carrier to receive the free fitting?
A: Not at all! Any baby carrier purchased at Zoolikins is eligible for a free fitting. Our partnership with Lillebaby simply allows us to dropship any carrier directly to you. This may not be available for other baby carrier brands.