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Zoolikins Helps Out the Easter Bunny: 7 Top Shelf Picks from our Store

What do you include in an Easter basket for your littles and older kids? Sure, there’s the staple chocolate bunny, Peeps, and jelly beans. You could wait until the last minute to grab a few random items from the checkout line or whatever is left in Easter aisles at your local box store. What if you didn’t wait though? Zoolikins has shelves and tables stocked with unique, thoughtful gifts that will inspire creativity in children of all ages. Build your Easter basket with our help this upcoming holiday. Here’s several of our top picks to choose from and add.  

Sun Hat

Protect little ones heads in style with our selection of assorted pattern sun hats. Available in turtle, gray fish, flamingos, and more you are sure to find an option for your sweet boy or girl.

Bunny Dress

This Bunny Dress by Chick Lane is a perfect Easter day outfit or for any future Spring day that lies ahead. Little girls will feel pretty and comfortable running around searching for eggs or spinning around wearing this 100% cotton fabric with hand-drawn bunnies.

Plush Toys

Children of all ages will fall in love with one of these plush bunnies when included in their Easter basket. Choose from Backpack Bunny by Jellycat or Honey Dew Bunny and Putty Seafoam Bunny by Mary Meyer. In addition to these adorable bunnies, we have a large selection of Plush Toys and Dolls ready to befriend any child.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

It may not be bunny-themed, but Piggy Paint is sure to delight any girl with an appreciation of bright nail polish colors. Add this pop of color into a girls’ Easter basket to give her a kid-friendly way to feel pretty!


Temporary Tattoos & Book Set

Say yes to body art without worry for children with Fluttery Friendly Tattoo Butterflies. Eighty-one illustrated temporary tattoos introduce creatures with amazing colors and realistic features and are accompanied by fascinating facts about each insect.

Crystal Growing Kits

Encourage children to forge new worlds with one of our Crystal Growing Kits available in Saguaro Cactus, Volcano or Cherry Tree. This is a gift that will be enjoyed beyond the holiday and will leave a child more inquisitive about the world around them.


Arts & Crafts

Little artists will enjoy the many crafts and art tools we have at Zoolikins. A couple of our favorites to add rainbow colors into any Easter basket are Rainy Dayz Toddler Crayons and Chunkies Paint Sticks, also available in Metallic. All of these drawing tools are travel-friendly, easy-to-hold, and a mess-free way to engage children and adults! 

While these may be some of our top picks, there are so many more books, crafts, accessories, and clothing to choose from at Zoolikins. Shop now before your favorite selections are gone and don’t forget you can order online for in-store pick-up or ship direct to your home!