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Our Top 5 Favorite Easy Clean Up Crafts

We love doing crafts with our kids! Not just because they give us quality time with our littles, but because crafts are an amazing tool for fostering cognitive development, creativity, and kinesthetic learning. They can help kids to communicate their feelings, provide learning opportunities, teach kids how to follow instructions, and give a sense of accomplishment once they finish their masterpiece! Since we don’t always have time to scroll through DIY pinterest kids crafts and aren’t crazy about paint messes, we’ve put together our favorite easy clean up craft kits that encourage learning and creativity on those days you just want to spend some fun time together. 

DIY Paper Lanterns 

We love this DIY paper lantern! It’s easy to build and with no glue or paint required (yes, that’s right.. That means there’s no mess!) Kids just slot the precut pieces together with self-stick tabs, decorate with stickers and gems, and add the LED tea light to watch their creation glow. Recommended for ages Ages 8+.


Animal Decoupage Kit

We love this craft because it’s easy and fun for all skill levels! Kids can cut shapes out of the patterned tissue paper and use the decoupage glaze to beautify their ceramic animal! Sets come with everything you need -- a ceramic animal, 2 large sheets of multi-patterned tissue paper, decoupage glaze, and brush. These adorable animals can be displayed, used for pretend play, or even added to a dollhouse! Recommended for ages Ages 8+.


Rainy Dayz Crayons 

Whether you have rainy days, snowy days, or super hot summer days (like we do here in Phoenix!) these non-toxic gel crayons make for a fun indoor activity all year long. Our favorite ways to use them are on windows, mirrors, glass patio doors, or on paper with wet paint brushes to add a fun watercolor effect. Their water soluble and wipe away easily. Moms swear by these as a great alternative to screen time! A blank canvas sliding glass door or window is perfect for keeping littles busy and creative! Recommended for ages Ages 3+.

Bouncing Planet Maker

Kids are completely enamored with space and it is an obsession that seems to transcend generations. With this kit you can encourage natural interests by creating multicolored planets and moons that bounce! Once the planets are made, use the planetary rings and spaceship to explore the universe and teach kids about the uniqueness of our Earth. Recommended for ages Ages 6+.

Melissa & Doug “Created by Me” kits

These craft kits inspire creativity, imagination, and can even help to develop fine motor skills. Decorate wooden cars, butterflies, and hearts with paint, gems, and stickers. Kids can add their personal touch and use them to play with friends or to decorate a space. Recommended for ages Ages 3+.

Any other mess-free hassle-free crafts we should know about? Share your favorites in the comments!