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How to Talk to Kids About Wearing Masks

Wear masks. Don’t wear masks. Wear masks in here, but not there.  It is confusing enough for adults, how are kids supposed to comprehend it all? If you have a child under the age of 12 who is still being recommended to wear a mask in certain public or indoor settings you may find yourself struggling to explain why them and not us. As Moms ourselves, we have been sharing our experiences with this conversation and thought you may be able to take some of it for yourself.

  1. Match with masks. Of course you don’t want to buy or make a mask to coordinate every outfit. It can be a way though to teach children about matching or coordinating colors with different masks.
  2.  Don’t limit germs to Covid. Even with the pandemic subsiding, we can teach our children to practice proper hygiene. Explain that germs are everywhere and masks are just one of many ways to stay healthy and germ-free.
  3. Be a good friend. Who doesn’t want their child to learn to be a good friend and kind to others? Explain that by wearing a mask when asked around others they are being a good friend by keeping germs from spreading.
  4. Guess my expression. Make it a game by having your child make different facial expressions under their masks while pushing them in a grocery cart or sitting on a bus. It can be a fun way to talk about feelings, emotions, and of course, keep their minds off the mask itself.