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First Birthday Gift Guide

Need some first birthday gift to pair with an upcoming cake smash? We've got you covered! Once children pass the 12-month mark, they officially enter toddler territory, but it's hard to know what to buy them. Over the years, we've learned that the secret to getting the perfect gift to celebrate a baby's first year is a toy that stimulates and surprises their quick-growing mind. At this stage, our favorite toys help to encourage their developing senses and movements. For those looking for items to gift kids that aren't toys, we also have practical gifts (that are more for parents) around feeding.

Fabric Tissue Box Sensory Toy

Perfect for keeping kids engaged and developing fine motor skills like pulling, sorting, and crinkling, this tissue box comes complete with six cotton crinkly tissues, and six sheer tissues, six tulle tissues, a cotton crinkly tissue, a felt crinkly tissue, and a corduroy crinkly tissue. The bright and colorful box gives helps baby improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity all while having fun! 

Musical Maracas

Use these musical maracas while teaching your child about rhythm, colors, and stimulating their senses. These easy-to-hold instruments have bright colors, a small decorative stamp at the top, and have a great sound to entertain and help babies increase their hand-eye coordination.

Rock n Roller Piano

Early musical learning becomes a wild adventure with the Rock 'N Roller Piano. Little ones can bang out wild and wonderful tunes with the included mallet or flip to the other side and spin the colorful wheels. This musical masterpiece isn’t just good for playing tunes, it encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and early music learning.


Eric Carle’s ABC Book

Eric Carle, the creator of The Hungry Little Caterpillar, authored another illustrated book that makes learning the alphabet as easy as A, B, C! Young readers flip through unfolding full-page flaps to reveal animals like an ant, bear, camel, and duck as they explore the letters of the alphabet. 


Suction Kupz

Made entirely of 100% silicone that's food safe and dishwasher safe, these Suction Kupz brings versatile, open-ended play that lasts! Each of these six colorful, squishy cups features a suction cup on the bottom, a suctioning brim at the top, plus endless creative-play possibilities all around. Bring them in the tub for scooping, pouring, and floating. Stick them to windows, walls, tables, and floors for whatever creative endeavors your child's imagination can conjure.


Jellycat Tails Books

Wrinkly, crinkly, crunchety crunch! Discover the different textures, shapes and sizes of animal’s tails with these vibrant and colorful books. The tail’s textures and colors will captivate the eyes of any baby, toddler or child and keep their little hands engaged with super soft and crunchy fabrics.



Silicone Bibs

Reduce mealtime mess with Bumkins’ bibs made from food-safe platinum silicone. The large catch-all pocket is wide open for catching drips, drops, and spills before they hit baby’s lap or the floor. Start using this as baby begins eating dribbly purees and then transitions to self-feeding solids, adjusting the neck buttons as they grow. Silicone is also naturally resistant to bacteria and most odors and stains and dishwasher safe, making it a safe and hygienic choice for messy babies.


Stegosaurus Teether, Rattle & Bath Toy

This organic natural rubber Stegosaurus baby dinosaur toy is perfect for toddlers, both as a toy and as a teether. Designed to be easily gripped by little hands, babies can play and chew on this non-toxic, colorful toy. Beyond it’s beautiful design and chemical-free nature, it’s biodegradable and ethically made by hand in Sri Lanka so you can feel good about your purchase. 


Waddle Bobbers Bath Toy

Fill up the tub, set the iceberg adrift, and send the penguins racing down the slide! Whoosh! These little penguins have weighted bases so you can spin them and make them wobble outside the tub. Take them inside the tub and they float! Then practice your stacking and twirling skills with the penguins. Both the penguins and the iceberg are sealed, so you never have to worry about water getting inside.


Silicone First Feeding Set

This Silicone First Feeding Set helps you introduce solid foods and transition your baby to self-feeding. The suction base keeps the bowl from sliding around or flipping over on highchair trays and tables.The easy-to-grip double-ended silicone spoon grows with baby – one end is for dipping into purees and the other for scooping solid foods. The bowl is designed with a curved handle so caregivers can hold and help with feeding. Made with 100% food-safe platinum silicone, the spoon is soft and safe for teething babies. The set includes a clear silicone lid that fits securely and is ideal for saving leftovers.