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Baby Gifts That Baby (& Parents) Will Love!

When it comes to baby gifts, whether it’s baby’s first Christmas or a baby shower gift,  choosing the perfect present can be tricky. You’re likely looking for something cute, useful, and affordable. Below you’ll find 12 unique baby gifts that parents will love. Trust us, we’ve been in the baby business for 12 years now and we’ve seen trends come and go. These items below are guaranteed to please mom, baby, and your wallet.  

Indestructibles Books

These books are perfect for babies because as their name points out–they’re indestructible!  They are chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, they’re printed on a unique 100% nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to anything babies can throw at it—gumming, spilling, dragging across the floor. Parents and little ones will enjoy storytime with these books for years to come. 


You can’t go wrong with a funny or cute onesie as a baby gift. We have several lines of baby onesies that are organic, buttery-soft, and use eco-friendly dyes. Complete the adorable outfit by pairing it with bottoms, bows, or a plush toy


Teething Mitt

Baby will thank you for this silicone teething mitt. It’s worn like a glove, making it perfect for babies with sore gums who can’t yet hold a teether. This Silicone Teething Mitt is made from food grade silicone and is durable, flexible and non-toxic. A stimulating crinkle sound and interesting texture keep the baby entertained. Pair it with our favorite non-toxic, all natural teething oil that will ease teething pain.



Slumberkins were created by an educator and a therapist to help parents raise caring, confident, and resilient children. Snuggly plush animals come with a story book and affirmation card that help to teach little ones valuable life skills that support their emotional growth. They are so much more than a stuffed animal but a teacher through the journey of life! 

Baby Paper

Developed by a mom over 15 years ago to entertain her kids in restaurants (lots and lots of napkins later), Baby Paper helps with sensory development. Baby Paper is a great replacement for paper napkins. Baby Paper does not tear and it has a crinkle sound that keeps babies occupied. Babies just can't keep from grabbing chewing crinkling and crunching Baby Paper. Perfect first toy for a baby and it is simple but effective and you can take it anywhere.


Sleep Sacks

Over the years we’ve carried sleep sacks because they make a beautiful gift that parents will use night after night. These lightweight, 100% cotton sleep sacks are a safe and stylish alternative to a blanket. When the swaddling stage winds down, parents can pop little ones in a sleep sack, zip it up, and baby will stay warm and comfortable all night long.


Bumkins is our favorite line of bibs and this isn’t just because they are a local company! They are made from a lightweight, easy-wipe, machine washable waterproof fabric that is comfortable and lasts for years. We love gifting the SuperBib 3 pack because it can be used when starting solids (at around 6 months) all the way into the messy toddler years. This is a gift that will get a lot of use! You can also make this gift into a set by pairing it with a first feeder bowl and utensils.   


Pediatricians and child development experts recommend a child 6 months and older be given a security object. This security object can be a snuggly soft lovie gifted by you! A lovie helps to bring comfort to children and helps them to self sooth. These snuggly friends go everywhere with little ones as they grow!