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Six Children's Books About Love to Celebrate Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have love on our minds and wanted to share  some of our favorite children’s books about love. Curl up with your little ones and enjoy these sweet titles that are sure to warm your heart and make them smile.

"Love Makes a Family" Board Book By Sophie Beer

In this inclusive board book, many different families are shown in happy activities, from an early-morning wake-up to a kiss before bed. Whether a child has two moms, two dads, one parent, or one of each, this simple preschool read-aloud demonstrates that what’s most important in each family’s life is the love the family members share.

Love is…lending a helping hand. 
Love is…finding the biggest puddles. 

A Recipe for How Much I Love You Board Book

Share your love for the toddler or young reader in your life with this sugary sweet board book! In this sweet story, kiddos learn about all the special ingredients needed to make joyful lives with those you love.

It takes a lot of special ingredients to make a joyful life. We need: ½ cup togetherness, 2 heaping cups of love, just a pinch of courage, and plenty of snuggles.

"Love: from Sesame Street" Book By Sesame Workshop

What is love? Explore all the definitions of love with the Sesame Street gang! In this heartwarming Sesame Street book, children will delight in seeing their favorite characters share what love means to them. This warm and uplifting story teaches kids the timeless lesson that love can be found everywhere and encourages them to look for love in new ways in their lives!

“Love is a sunny day.” - Big Bird
“Love is infinite, bigger than all of the numbers.” - Count Dracula

"Love From the Crayons" Book By Drew Daywalt

This special gift book, featuring all the The Crayons from The Day the Crayons Quit, uses the character and colors of crayon characters to explore the bright colors and subtle shades of love. 

Love is yellow and orange. Because love is sunny and warm.
Love is purple. Because it’s okay to love outside the lines.

"Love" Book By Matt De La Pena

In this heartfelt celebration of love readers explore the many ways we experience this universal bond, which carries us from the day we are born throughout the years of our childhood and beyond. With a lyrical text that's soothing and inspiring, this tender tale is a needed comfort and a new classic that will resonate with readers of every age.

"In the beginning there is light and two wide-eyed figures standing near the foot of your bed and the sound of their voices is love.
A cab driver plays love softly on his radio while you bounce in back with the bumps of the city and everything smells new, and it smells like life."

"Always More Love" Board Book By Erin Guendelsberger

Always More Love is a heartwarming story and fun, interactive experience for families to read and share together, because the love for those special ones in your life only expands more and more each day. Just tap, press, shake, touch, or flip the board book and then turn the page to find out the many ways love grows!

I love you so much, but there's more in my heart.
How is that possible? Well, where do I start?


I Love You More Board Book

Experience the bestseller that has sparked the conversation of love around the world! This cleverly conceived flip story, which ends in the middle and starts from either side, will show you what love looks like from both a child and a parent's perspective. With a simple, touching story, rhyme and rhythm, and vibrant childlike illustrations, this book is a timeless gift you will share again and again.

I love you mightier than the mightiest wind ever blew.
I love you fuller than the fullest moon you ever knew.
I love you more, so much more than you've ever known.

Good Night Love 

Good Night Love, part of the Good Night Our World Series, features marital love, friendship love, love for a sibling, love for one's baby, love for grandparents, love for teachers, love of nature, self-love, Valentine's Day, love for a pet, love of the stars and moon, and more! This adorable board book teaches the joys of everyday love while sending little ones off to a peaceful night's sleep. 

"It's You I Like" Board Book By Fred Rogers

The heartwarming song “It’s You I Like” from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is transformed into a board book for a new generation of kids. Featuring a diverse array of families and friendships, the affirming lyrics and illustrations convey Mister Rogers’s singular warmth and belief that every child is special and loved. 

It’s you I like. Not the things you wear, it’s not the way you do your hair, but it’s you I like. 

The way you are right now, the way down deep inside you. Not the things that hide you, not your toys – they’re just beside you. 

"Pop-Up Peekaboo, I Love You" Board Book By DK

Find out who’s sending Sheep presents in this cute baby book with flaps to lift and pop-ups to enjoy. With the help of parents and caregivers, toddlers will have fun turning the pages, lifting the flaps to play peekaboo, and guessing who’s sending the surprises. This sturdy baby book will keep little ones engaged and entertained time and time again!