Smart Bottoms Stay Dry Liners, 5pk

Smart Bottoms Stay Dry Liners, 5pk

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Does your little one dislike feeling wet diapers? Does she have a diaper rash? Are you using any diaper creams or prescription rash ointment? Fleece Liners are your answer! By placing a fleece liner on top of your current diaper, your baby will instantly feel dry. Fleece contains the moisture wicking property which allows skin to feel dry - even if moisture is present! Fleece liners are also convenient if you are treating any diaper rash. The drying factor will help baby's bum heal faster, and it also protects your diapers from any staining via diaper creams.

  • Recycled polyester fleece liners can be used with any diaper for a stay dry feeling.
  • Comes in packages of 5.
  • Dimensions: 5"x12"

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