Renegade Mama Positive Affirmation Cards, Kids Self Love & Confidence

  • $22.95

Our children's fast pace world is filled things for them to do. Social media and an endless supply for information on the internet. It's easy to feel small, inadequate, and behind the curve. These Affirmation Cards for Kids are a quick and easy way for our children to build confidence, practice self love and open themselves to healthy lifestyle.
In a world where obesity and prescription medications are at an all time high, how do we offer emotional support and teach our children how to love themselves?

While school can teach our children how to follow rules, count and read. It does not teach them how to value themselves, value their own unique expression, how to make healthy choices or that they can achieve anything in life. Sometimes as parents we get so caught up in correcting our children, when do we create time and space for positive encouragement or reaffirming positive verbiage that our children can use forever? Kids Affirmation cards were created to fill this gap! 

Kids Affirmation cards are designed for children ages 3 to 10 and can be a great way for parents to introduce and practice positive self affirming verbiage. With 52 cards in the deck, you can use one for each week of the year or pick one for daily use!


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