Cotton Trifold Diapers, 6 Pack

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The OsoCozy Better Fit prefolds make cloth diapering so easy! They are sized to fit in the diaper cover without folding length wise, as required for standard prefolds. This less bulky and easier to use prefold style is very popular. It is specifically made and sized to be used inside a diaper cover using a trifold type fold. These diapers do not require Snappis, pins, or fasteners. All OsoCozy prefolds including these new Better Fit prefolds, are Diaper Service Quality (DSQ). They are sewn of 100% Indian cotton gauze weave material. Made in Pakistan. This material quilts up nice and thick after washing, making them Oh-so soft, very absorbent, and lint free. Available in 3 sizes.


  • Infant 6-16 Lbs.
  • Premium 14-30 Lbs.
  • Toddler 25-45 Lbs.
Diaper cover is required.
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