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Rag Doll, Tammy Lu

Rag Doll, Tammy Lu

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This special raven haired little girl wears a lively floral dress and is so soft and huggable, she will become a favorite playmate to your growing little girl.


  • Size: 15.7in
  • Age Recommendation: 12+ months 
  • Features: Soft body rag doll with embroidered facial features and printed 
  • Materials: 100% Polyester Body Cotton Printed Dress.
  • Stuffing: 100% Recycled PET bottle fibre.
  • Handmade in Sri Lanka


Rag doll soft toys have a special place in the lives of children and parents. Rag dolls will always have a timeless appeal to children and offer the following benefits:

  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Educate children's visual memory 
  • Help to make children feel secure and safe 
  • Promote natural feelings of affection 
  • Provide companionship   
  • Educational benefits including promoting emotional development 

    Bonikka Adoption Certificate