Allen's Naturally Stink Out Odor Remover, 32oz

Allen's Naturally Stink Out Odor Remover, 32oz

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Do you have stinky diapers? Allen's Stink Out laundry additive has been formulated to be added to your washer at the same time as your laundry detergent to remove odor from problem laundry such as: cloth diapers, towels, bedding, sportswear, work uniforms, school team work out gear and uniforms, and more!

Directions: Add to washer at same time as adding detergent. Soak for several minutes before washing (see washing machine instructions).

*Please note, due to the heavy weight of detergent, all detergents are excluded from free shipping.

If you have stinky diapers, you can try any of our diaper stripping agents - Funk Rock, RLR, or Stink Out!

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