Prepping Your Diapers

Prepping diapers before their first use is crucial. Proper prepping ensures maximum absorbency and fit.

Before you can prep your diapers, ensure that you are using a cloth diaper safe detergent. Without a safe detergent, you run the risk of permanently ruining your diapers. All natural fibers have natural oils within the fabric that must be dispelled before use. Many diapers will shrink a bit with the prepping thus allowing for a better fit.

Pro Tips:

  • Many other similar mama and baby items are manufactured using natural fibers. The same prepping routine is recommended for absorbent inserts, breast pads and cloth wipes.
  • Use minimal amounts of soap during prepping.
  • Contrary to popular internet mythology DO NOT USE bleach, baking soda, vinegar, dish washing soap.

Prepping different fabrics:

3. Cotton products: Prefolds, All-In-Ones, and Pocket diapers containing natural fibers will need to be washed with hot water at least 5 times using a small amount of detergent (~1-2 T). Prefolds will shrink and “quilt up” to become softer and more absorbent with each wash. Drying between the initial washes is not necessary, but will assist in reducing lint.

4. PUL, Fleece, Microfiber Terry (Polyester) products: Diaper covers, pocket diapers, AIOs, and microfiber terry pocket inserts need to be washed and dried just once before use.

5. Hemp products: Must be washed by themselves in hot water and a tiny amount of detergent (~1-2 T) 4-5 times to strip them of natural oils. Hemp will become more absorbent with each wash, being fully primed after 9-10 washes. Drying between the initial washes is not necessary.

6. Wool products: We recommend washing and lanolizing all wool diaper covers before use. Generally wool is not put in the dryer.