"Noisy Touch and Lift Truck" Board Book By Scholastic

"Noisy Touch and Lift Truck" Board Book By Scholastic

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Noisy Lift the Flap Trucks̴Ì_is a lively interactive sound book with sound buttons hidden in touches and under flaps! This interactive sound book is both entertaining and educational, with sound buttons that are triggered when flaps are lifted, so that when children lift the bulldozer they can listen to the engine's rumble, or in hidden in touches, so they can touch the tractor tire to hear it at work.

‰ۡó¢ Sounds are triggered by touching the tactile areas and lifting flaps̴Ì_
‰ۡó¢ Lively text encourages children to interact with the vehicles and promotes language development̴Ì_
‰ۡó¢ Tabs make it easy for children to turn to the page they want to read̴Ì_
‰ۡó¢ Triggering the sounds helps to develop hand-eye coordination̴Ì_
‰ۡó¢ Perfect for parents and children to enjoy together


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