Baby Bits Wipe Solution

Wipe Solution

  • $11.95

This is a wipe solution is a convenient and economical way to make your own natural wipes solution. All you have to do is add water. It's that simple. Specifically, small (baby) pieces (bits) of handmade soap used to create an all natural wipes solution that is designed to clean sensitive skin.

The mild glycerin soap features olive oil infused with plantain and chickweed herbs to help clear skin irritations. Tea tree oil is added for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, keeping wipe water clean.

Relaxing lavender essential oil calms your baby and gives your nursery a floral scent.

A three-ounce box has 40+ Baby Bits cubes. That’s enough cleansing solution to wet 1,000 re-usable wipes.

Simple dissolve one "bit" per cup of water (8oz). 

Who should use these?

Everyone!This wipe solution is a versatile cleansing solution that is convenient and easy to use.
Use daily:

- at each diaper change
- to wipe sticky fingers, face and hands
- to freshen up on the go -- just spray directly on your face
- to clean skin on camping trips, day outings, BBQs and picnics
- to soak in the tub -- just dissolve one (1) Baby Bit cube in your bath water to create a mild, good-smelling cleanser

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