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What's New This Year at Zoolikins

WE MADE IT. It’s crazy that you don’t even need to specify what you made it through. Anyone who hears this feels the immediate camaraderie. But nevertheless, WE MADE IT! (and so did you, yay us!)

We are so so excited for 2021. We’ve got new additions to our team here at Zoolikins, new brand partners, and best of all -- more resources and materials for you! 

Here's what we’re up to this year: 

New Curating + Creative Marketing Coordinator -- Libby Anderson!

Hi! I’m Libby -- I’m a full-time working mama, part-time cloth diapering mama, and ALL THE TIME lover of nature, Mexican food, and The Beatles. I’m so lucky to be on the team of mamas here at Zoolikins where my work is to thoughtfully bring in brands that align with our values, and basically just make sure we have really cool stuff for you :) I have a small family: me, my husband, our son Jones (who just turned 2 last October!), and our 2 cats (Lucy and Sarge). Honored to be on this journey!


New Brands!

Along with the brands we’ve partnered with since the very beginning, we’re starting to bring in new friends to the store, too! Last year we introduced Slumberkins, Tender Leaf Toys, Uncle Goose Blocks, and Eeboo to name a few -- all brands that align with the ethics and values that matter for us now and for their future.

New Places to Follow Us!

If you’re not already, make sure to follow along with us on Instagram -- where we consistently post updates and share resources! We’ve also thrown our hat into the TikTok ring and are having lots of fun there, too :). Follow along! 

New Cloth Diapering Resources!

We love our cloth families and truly believe that cloth is for everyone! Even if it’s just switching out one disposable diaper a day for a cloth diaper, it makes a difference! We are committed to helping families reduce waste, and make cloth into a habit that actually works for your busy lifestyle. We’re still hosting monthly Cloth Diapering 101 classes (virtually), as 1 on 1 consultations! And of course, we’ll be providing free content to help families along the way :)

A Huge Thank You to YOU!

2020 was crazy and we all felt it. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for supporting our small business through it all. We are so fortunate to have made it through, and to be looking forward to a bright future here at Zoolikins!