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Stinky Diapers? Leaky Diapers? It Might Be Time to Strip Them!

What's the deal with "stripping" cloth diapers?

If your diapers seem to retain odor or are not absorbing as well as they have been, it may be time to strip them. 

Residue can build up from detergents, hard water, or if diapers aren't fully rinsed after each use. "Stripping" them is a treatment process that strips the residue from the surface of your diapers. 

If you’re not sure when it’s time to strip your diapers, look for these signs:

  • Funky ammonia or “barnyard” smell
  • You think your diapers are the culprits for your rash problems
  • Overuse of rash cream
  • Preparing pre-loved diapers
  • Not absorbing like they used to

    How to strip your diapers

    We're going to share 2 methods of stripping diapers with different treatment agents. We DO NOT recommend using vinegar, baking soda, or dish soap! 

    Method 1: (RLR and Funk Rock) 

    Step 1: Soak your clean diapers in hot water (we recommend between 125° and 135°) with treatment of your choice for at least four hours, or overnight! This works best in a top load washer, or any tub big enough to hold your diapers.

    Step 2: Squeeze out all the water from your diapers and do a regular wash cycle with water only! After soaking squeeze all water from the items and wash once with water only. Rinse until there is no more gray water or soap sud to ensure removal of buildup.  

    Method 2: (Mighty Bubbles

    Step 1: Add one pod into the washer with clean diapers. No other detergent is needed. Run a regular hot wash (we recommend between 125° and 135°) with one extra rinse.

    Step 2: Repeat 2 or 3 times if needed. May be used in addition to a normal wash routine every 6-8 weeks to keep your diapers clean and buildup-free.