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Pick a Nursery Theme Using Your Favorite Swaddle Like This...

Along with crazy hormones that may drive you to curate the perfect nursery while you’re “nesting” -- having a space that feels like a cherished part of your home is such a special part of preparing for baby. Mostly because it’s the place where you’ll be primarily dealing with poop and sleep deprivation… but i digress….

But really, decorating for my son’s nursery was one of my favorite things about being pregnant! But due to the fact that there are just so many adorable baby products and decorations and themes out there, I found it difficult to pick something I loved and stick with it. 

Enter -- a “prehistoric botanicals” print on a swaddle. (If you love this print as much as I do, I’m so sorry this is a discontinued print, but you can find more recent prints we carry here.)


Once I found a print that sparked joy -- I knew that was all I would need to give me direction for the rest of the nursery! Here’s a few ways you can use a print to create a theme that you’ll love:

1. Establish your color palette

This is an easy one, but choosing a print is a great way to establish the core colors that you’ll be using for your nursery. Everything from simple decorations, to blankets, to wall color can revolve around the colors found in your favorite print.

2. Spray paint hack

Once you find a few colors that feel like home for your new little, buy a few cans of non-toxic low VOC spray paint for a few of the colors in your palette. Frames, wall decor, or knick knacks on a shelf can all be covered with a fresh coat of spray paint to bring them on theme with the rest of your nursery without having to spend up for items that match your palette. 

3. Get Artsy

This one may not be for everyone, but if getting a little artsy brings you joy -- consider creating a piece of art inspired by your print! (think painting) Whether i’ts an abstract collab of your colors or a your take on an element of the print, having something that you made in your nursery can be a great addition as well as a great keepsake for your little. 

 At Zoolikins we work hard to curate a selection of swaddles that are both functional and adorable -- along with ensuring that our vendors align with our ethics and values. Check out our collection of swaddles @here and please tag us in your print inspired nursery!

And as always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sweet journey! Here’s to you, mama. <3