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Cloth Diaper Insert Guide

Diapers ✔️ Laundry Supplies ✔️ Wet Bags ✔️ Inserts?

No matter what diaper system you and your little one are using, inserts will be your best friend.

Whether your diapers are one piece or two pieces, most diapers will require extra absorbency for bedtime, nap time, long car rides, and growing babies. Absorbent fabric inserts are put either inside or on top of the diaper when needed. 

Just like diapers, you have many options to choose from. Absorbency can be customized with inserts. They can be combined or folded to create the perfect absorbency for your baby. Different fabrics perform with different benefits. We carry all types, such as Hemp, Microfiber, Minky, Cotton, Bamboo, Charcoal, and more. You can mix and match to build the perfect diaper for whatever stage your little one is in. 

Here's a breakdown of each materials absorbency capacity and speed:


It can still be tricky finding the right cloth diaper accessories or inserts so we've broken down each one we carry and how we like to use them. 

    BumGenius Elemental Cotton Flat:

    • An inexpensive alternative to microfiber inserts
    • Can fold up and stuff into pocket diapers
    • Good for: Daytime use or wrap around a hemp for night time

    BumGenius Flip Potty Trainer Insert

    • Replacements for flip trainers
    • Velcro sewn on the ends attach into the trainer and stay in place
    • Good for: Cotton allows baby feels the wetness to help with potty training.

      Bumkins Minky Insert 

      • Minky insert with a waterproof liner on the back.
      • Does not hold a lot, so it's recommended to lay a second insert in front of it
      • Good for: Getting more life out of a diaper when you have a tear in the waterproof PUL diaper lining

      Fleece Liner

      • Fleece has no absorbency, but is good as a barrier. 
      • Wicks moisture away from skin so it can help prevent diaper rash
      • Protects diapers if you have to use a rash or medicated cream that is not cloth diaper safe
      • Good for: Nighttime as a stay-dry with natural diapers so baby does not wake up from wetness and long car trips if you cant change baby right away  

      Thirsties Hemp Insert

      • Available in two sizes.
      • The small size is good for boys no matter what age - fold the small insert in half put in front of the larger insert and put up front on boy for extra leak protection
      • Good for: Overnights, long car trips, heavy wetters.

      Thirsties Stay-dry Duo

      • This is the same insert that comes in the Thirsties pocket - 2 inserts, the top is microfiber with stay dry fleece and the bottom is hemp cotton.
      • The Fleece-topped to protect your baby from wetness
      • Great for everyday use - Easy to use, Easy to clean, Quick to dry
      • Good for: Light wetter at night time or for babies who hold their pee and let it all out at once

      Thirstes Stay Dry Cotton Doubler inserts

      • A natural option for replacing microfiber in pockets
      • Add to a prefold, flat or with inserts in pockets for extra absorbency
      • Good for: Daytime use or mix with hemp for nighttime. Also good for boys - fold the small insert in half put in front of the larger insert and put up front on boy for extra leak protection

        Still have questions? Drop us a line, join us at our free monthly cloth diapering 101 class, or schedule a one-on-one cloth diapering consultation