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8 Arizona Summer Essentials for Babies & Toddlers

Summer is just around the corner! Here in Arizona, that means that we’ve got to be ready to keep little ones cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. We’ve rounded up 8 essentials you’ll want to keep on hand for those unbearable 115 degree days.

Wet/Dry bag

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the pool, or on a road trip, Wet/Dry bags are essential. They save you in those times you have blowouts, accidents, wet bathing suits, or need a clean and dry change of clothes. Two waterproof compartments allow you to separate dirty or wet clothes from clean, dry clothes. Alternatively, you can use them to keep toys, toiletries, electronics, and other accessories organized in your beach bag or diaper bag. Most have a snap handle and can hang on your stroller, suitcase, or lounge chair! 


Since baby’s eyes allow for more solar radiation to pass through them and reach the retina, it’s important to use polarized baby sunglasses! These shatter-resistant baby and toddler sunglasses have 100% UV protection, added glare reduction to reduce eye strain, are prescription ready, and offer a full damage and lens replacement guarantee. Eye care never looked so cute! 


Sun hat

Sunscreen is just one line of defense against damaging UV rays. Shade your babe with this baby sun hat made from certified UPF 50+ fabric. The brim provides shade for little faces, necks, and ears while at the pool, park, beach, or splash pad. The lightweight fabric is breathable for baby’s comfort and machine washable.


Water bottle

Hydrated kids are happy kids! Kids may not recognize how thirsty they are during fun summer activities. Since they’re always on the go it’s important to have a reusable water bottle on hand to remind them (and you!) to stay hydrated while enjoying fun in the sun.

Swim diaper

Whether splashing in the pool or enjoying the beach, reusable swim diapers give little ones all the freedom and comfort while containing the mess. Swim diapers, or as we call them, “poop catchers” aren’t designed to be absorbent. Instead, they contain solids, keeping fecal matter from entering the pool. Avoid using swim diapers away from the pool! Since they aren’t absorbent pee will soak straight through your baby’s clothes.


Slathering sunscreen on your kiddo is a must, especially in the summertime! Not only does it protect their delicate skin from painful sunburn, it reduces the risk of skin cancer later in life. There have been several studies showing the danger of UV filter chemicals like oxybenzon have been linked to health and hormonal issues and can absorb into the skin and bloodstream. That’s why we like to stick with baby sunscreen made using zinc oxide. Rather than being absorbed into the skin, zinc oxide stays on top of the skin and physically blocks the sun’s harmful rays, and is likely to cause less irritation or allergic reactions. You can have fun in the sun without stressing over sunburn and nasty chemicals! 

Cool carat

As we know living in Arizona, on a hot summer day, the car gets hot making car seats (especially the metal and plastic parts) get hot! We started using this freezable car seat cooler and have never looked back! Just pop it in the freezer, place it on the car seat for a few minutes, take it off, and the seat will be cooled off for your little one! No more burns and discomfort. 

Stroller fan

The Buggy Turbo Fan adds a light breeze to those hot summer days! This powerful, USB, hand-held fan lasts up to 6 hours and can attach around strollers, backpacks, car seats, beach chairs, wheelchairs, bike handles & more! If the cool air and a hands-free breeze aren’t convincing enough, it also comes with a handy built-in flashlight and USB charging port!