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7 Outdoor Springtime Kids Activities in The Valley

The best time of year in Scottsdale is the springtime. It’s between the weather that is “freezing” (for us) and scorching hot. While the cool breeze fills the air and wildflowers are in bloom all we want to do is enjoy the outdoors. As parents, the last year of being inside and isolated was difficult and we have just started to explore safe ways to reconnect with the community outdoors. Here is a list of some of our favorite family-friendly outdoor activities in the Phoenix that we have been exploring.  

1. Learn about the magic of worms at the Arizona Worm Farm

This family-owned working farm in Phoenix, is on a mission to turn garbage into food using the power of worms! Stop by the Arizona Worm Farm for a free self-guided farm tour. Enjoy their playground,  hold worms in their “worm petting zoo”, check out their beautiful garden, and if you stop by on Saturday you can even pick up some veggies that are fertilized by their very own worms. You can even bring the fun home with your very own worm composting bin or grab some soil and a veggie start to a mini garden with your little one. 

2. Pick tomatoes or get a new house plant at Abby Lee Farms 

Close by the Arizona Worm Farm is Abby Lee Farms, another local family-owned farm. It sits on 4 acres covered with poly greenhouses that help keep plants happy through our crazy summer heat. Enjoy a walk through their greenhouse full of sprawling tomato plants and pick them fresh off the vine! Guarantee they’ll be the sweetest tomatoes you’ve ever tasted! Afterwards, pop over to their other greenhouse that is open to the public that is full of houseplants and pick some new friends to bring home.

3. Ride the trains at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

An age old favorite of all locals in the Phoenix area is the McCormick-Stillman Railroad park. Ride the trains, take a spin around the carousel, and on the weekends take a journey on the Arboretum Railroad through the park’s two acre, desert arboretum. Between rides you can hit the playground, museum, and check out the models. Our favorite way to end the fun-filled day is with an ice cream cone treat for the family. 

4. Feed the ducks at Chaparral park 

There’s no better way to enjoy the cool weather than an outing to Chapparal Park in Scottsdale. Bring some break to feed the ducks or make your own. Sing songs or bring books about ducks, count the ducks, or talk about why ducks float and how they migrate during the cold winters. Once you’re all ducked out take a walk around the park, bring a blanket and enjoy a bite to eat, or play catch in the open fields. 

5. Go for a morning stroll through the Old Town’s Farmers Market

There’s nothing like starting your Saturday morning with a stroll through the local farmer’s market. Old Town’s Farmers Market has  more than 100 local growers and specialty food producers. Shop for produce, meat, fish, free-range eggs from your local community. You’ll also find jams, honey, and a variety of foods. Beyond the good vibes and great foods these markets are also a nice opportunity to teach your little one where food comes from and how important it is to support local farmers. 

6. Get up close & personal with farm animals at Hunkapi 

Hunkapi is a local farm that specializes in equine therapy. Their ten acre farm, nestled into a quiet Scottsdale neighborhood, is an animal oasis filled with horses, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, goats, cows, and a whole lot of love. In addition to their program that connects people with emotional and behavioral disorders with animals they also offer tours to the public. They are run by volunteers which also makes for a great opportunity to enjoy animals with your kiddos while teaching them about giving back to the community.  

7. Attend family-friendly events during world western week 

One of our favorite annual family-friendly activities in Scottsdale is Western Week. It’s a good time to reconnect with Old Town’s western history through Native American festivals, art walks,  live performances, arts and crafts, the Hashknife Pony Express (our personal favorite), and the Arizona Indian Festival. Don’t forget to grab your cowboy boots!